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Virtual Flex League

Virtual Flex Two-Man Match Play League

Bakker Crossing hosts a virtual flex two-man match play league on the golf simulator throughout the winter. The 2016 league will consist of a 10-week regular season running from January 3rd through March 12th. Playoffs will be held from March 13th through April 2nd.


2016 Schedule & Roster

2016 Final Weekly Scores

2016 Final Standings

2016 Final Playoff Bracket

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bakker Crossing Virtual Flex League is to create a fun golfing environment for all participants by facilitating a competitive and fun golfing event on the simulator during the off-season. We are proud to provide an atmosphere that will allow everyone to meet new people and socialize on a weekly basis while spending time doing what they love.

General Information

The Bakker Crossing Virtual Flex League consists of 18, two-man teams. Teams are divided into three divisions. Each division houses six teams. Teams will play divisional opponents twice throughout the season. Two teams from each division will advance to the playoffs.


The format is 9-hole, four-ball match play, with two teammates playing their better ball against the better ball of the opposing team. Players use their net better ball. The team that wins the hole receives 1 point; if the teams tie the hole, each team receives half a point. The team with the most points at the end of the match is awarded an additional point for a maximum possible total of 10 points per match.


A three-week playoff season will begin March 13 (the week following the last week of the regular season) and culminate in championship and consolation matches. The stipulated round for playoff, championship, and consolation matches will be 9 holes. The top two teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs and will be seeded 1 through 6 based on their total regular season points with the top 2 teams receiving a first round bye. Each seeded team will compete to advance to the final week.


Virtual Flex League Matches are played in accordance with the USGA Handicap System. Teams/players are responsible for finding their own subs. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
to cover your absence. Bakker Crossing will not be held responsible if a sub cannot be found.

Playoff Spot/Seed Tiebreakers

In the event of a tie, when deciding which team advances to the playoffs and playoff seedings, ties are decided based on head-to-head matches. If there is still a tie after comparing head-to-head matches, the advancing team is determined by (in order):

  • Total points from the last 6 weeks of play
  • Total points from the last 3 weeks of play
  • Total points from the last week of play

Playoff Match Tiebreakers

The winner of playoff matches resulting in a tie will be determined based on the USGA preferred tie-break method. The advancing team is determined by (in order):

  • Total points from the last 6 holes
  • Total points from the last 3 holes
  • Total points from the last hole

League Handicaps

GHIN Handicaps will be used to determine your division for league play based on combined team handicap. The committee will determine handicaps as they see fit in extenuating circumstances.  After the completion of Weeks 1 through 3, the committee will calculate a 9-hole virtual handicap index that will be applied to the first 3 weeks of play to determine those weekly winners. This handicap will then adjust after each week throughout the remainder of the season. Bakker Crossing’s virtual handicap calculation is based on the USGA golf handicap guidelines.  Strokes received for matches will be determined by the course handicap for each player in the four-ball match.


All league players are recommended to find a sub in the absence of a player. If a sub cannot be found, a team may compete with 1 player representing the team. If both team members are unable to play and cannot find substitutes, they will fail to turn in a score for the week and will forfeit that week. The forfeiting team receives zero points and the team winning by forfeit receives 7 points. If both teams are unable to turn in a score for a specific week, both teams receive zero points for that week.

 Dues & Payouts

Yearly dues for the Bakker Crossing Virtual Flex League are $150.00 per player.
The top 6 teams teams will receive gift certificates to the Bakker Crossing Pro Shop.