Thursday League

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Thursday Two-Man Match Play League

Bakker Crossing hosts a two-man match play league on Thursday nights. Thursday League consists of a 14-week regular and a 4 week playoff season.

General Information

The Bakker Crossing Thursday League consists of 56 two-man teams. Teams are divided into four divisions per side. Each division houses seven teams.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bakker Crossing Men’s Thursday Golf League is to create a fun golfing environment for all participants by facilitating competitive and fun golfing events and creating an atmosphere that will allow everyone to meet new people and socialize on a weekly basis.


The format is 9-hole, four-ball match play, with two teammates playing their better ball against the better ball of the opposing team. Players use their net better ball. The team that wins the hole receives 1 point; if the teams tie the hole, each team receives half a point. The team with the most points at the end of the match is awarded an additional point for a maximum possible total of 10 points per match. We use 80% of each player’s handicap to compute how many strokes he gets per hole. Each team plays all nine holes every match.

Dues & Payouts

  • Must be GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness Member
  • Yearly dues for the Bakker Crossing Thursday League are $100.00 per two-man team ($50.00 per competitor)
  • Players MUST have an active USGA GHIN Handicap in order to participate
  • Winners will receive GreatLIFE Golf Shop Credit which can be used towards the purchase of merchandise in the Bakker Crossing Pro Shop


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