Current GreatLIFE Golf Course Conditions/Status

GreatLIFE is excited to announce that we will be open for golf in February! With the warm temperatures the last couple days and the forecast being in the upper 50’s low 60’s we will be opening Bakker Crossing tomorrow for walking only. Willow Run will be staying closed at this time. We will reevaluate each day and open if the golf course allows. See below for opening times:

Bakker Crossing
Open starting Friday, Feb. 17th
Course will allow tee times starting at 10 am.
Walking only
Driving range closed.

Willow Run
We will reevaluate the golf course daily.
Driving range closed.

Central Valley and Rocky Run
Driving range closed

GreatLIFE Affiliates:
River Ridge Golf Course, Garretson – Open for walking only starting at 10 am.
The Bluffs Golf Course, Vermillion – Opening today at 11 am for walking – Driving range closed.

Happy Golfing!