League Information

Starting the week of January 3rd, 2016, Bakker Crossing will host a 10 week league on the golf simulator located in the Bakker Crossing Clubhouse.

The league will consist of 12, two-man teams. Teams are divided into two divisions with each division housing six teams. Teams will play divisional opponents twice throughout the season. Two teams from each division will advance to the playoffs.


$150.00 per player ($300/team)

Flex League Schedule

Teams will be able to make their own tee-times (reserve the simulator) at Bakker Crossing whenever is most convenient for them! Teams will be required to contact their opponent to schedule each weekly match and reserve the simulator for the time that works best.

As this is a flexible schedule league, matches will not need to be played with both matched teams present. However, we do recommend both teams be present if at all possible, keeping in tradition a true match play atmosphere.

Scheduling Matches

In the event a time can not be agreed upon to play the match, each team may reserve their own time to complete their round for the week. Scores from each team will be compared to determine points for the match.

Simulator Hours – (January – March)

Sunday – 10am – 4pm
Monday – 9am – 8pm
Tuesday – 9am – 8pm
Wednesday – 9am – 8pm
Thursday – 9am – 8pm
Friday – 9am – 10pm
Saturday – 9am – 10pm

Flex League Schedule Dates

Week 1 – 1/3/16 – 1/9/16
Week 2 – 1/10/16 – 1/16/16
Week 3 – 1/17/16 – 1/23/16
Week 4 – 1/24/16 – 1/30/16
Week 5 – 1/31/16 – 2/6/16
Week 6 – 2/7/16 – 2/13/16
Week 7 – 2/14/16 – 2/20/16
Week 8 – 2/21/16 – 2/27/16
Week 9 – 2/28/16 – 3/5/16
Week 10 – 3/6/16 – 3/12/16
Playoff Round 1 – 3/13/16 – 3/19/16
Championship/Consolation Matches – 3/20/16 – 3/26/16


Four-ball Match Play

The format is 9-hole, four-ball match play, with two teammates playing their better ball against the better ball of the opposing team. Players use their net better ball. The team that wins the hole receives 1 point; if the teams tie the hole, each team receives half a point. The team with the most points at the end of the match is awarded an additional point for a maximum possible total of 10 points per match.

League Handicaps

GHIN Handicaps are used to determine your handicap for league play. The committee will determine handicaps as they see fit in extenuating circumstances. You receive 80% of your handicap. Match handicaps will be determined based on the lowest handicap player in the four-ball match.