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Hole #1


This is one of the toughest opening holes in the city of Sioux Falls, measuring 431 yards from the black tees. This slightly dog-leg right, par four will require a good opening tee shot for a mid iron into a large green protected by water on the front left and short. Par is a good score on this opening hole.

Hole #2


The second hole is a par 5, generally playing into a south wind. This dog-leg left hole has water that comes into play on the tee shot and runs along the left side of the hole.
A sand trap protects the front right of the generous green that slopes from back to front. This hole can be reached in two with a good drive and second shot as it is a medium length par 5.

Hole #3


With the recent renovation, hole #3 is one of the best holes to play golf on in South Dakota. You will need to be accurate with your tee shot as the large fairway bunker splits the fairway and awaits your miscue. Players wanting to challenge this hole will need to play down the left side in order to ensure a mid to short iron approach. The green slopes from back to front so place your approach shot underneath the hole location.

Hole #4


Hole #4 is a dogleg right Par 4 that has water along the right side. Longer hitters will want to hit 3 wood to avoid the narrowing of the fairway about 130 yards from the green. A bunker front left is all that protects the green. Birdies are possible.

Hole #5


This is the first of five par 3′s that are the most demanding in the city. Number 5 has a bunker guarding the front right and water all along the left side of this 229 yd. Par 3. Oh yeah, this hole will usually be playing into a stiff south wind. Pray for par on this hole.

Hole #6


The most demanding tee shot on the front nine belongs to hole #6. The par 5 has water on the right and left on your tee shot. Big hitters will be able to carry the water on the tee shot but beware of more water past the first ponds. Usually playing downwind a good drive should allow you to get home in two for an easy birdie or possible eagle.

Hole #7


This short part 4 requires accuracy off the tee box. With water all along the left side 3-wood or long iron is the smart play leaving you a short iron into this green protected by a bunker on the right side. Nice chance for a birdie.

Hole #8


One of the easier par 3′s on the golf course. This medium length par 3 has water to the right and a small pond if you go long left that should not come into play. Generally playing into a cross wind hitting this big green should make for an easy par.

Hole #9


This may be the easiest hole on the front nine, a long iron off the tee will leave you with a short to mid iron into this deceiving green. If you avoid the fairway bunker around 100 yds from the green you should have a good opportunity for par or birdie. If the hole is playing downwind grab driver and aim over the fairway bunker for an easy birdie opportunity.

Hole #10


The 458 par 4 10th that starts the back nine plays downhill and usually down wind. Playing shorter than the yardage a good drive will leave you with a medium to short iron into this green that has some slope with water guarding the front and left. Do not be disappointed with par on this long par 4.

Hole #11


The 11th is one more par 3 that measures over 200 yards from the back tees. Make sure you hit it solid or you are sure to find the water on this hole. Hitting this green should make for an easy two putt on this pretty flat green.

Hole #12


Hole #12 was included in the recent renovation and now is one of our best holes to play. Hit your tee shot down the middle of the large open fairway but avoid going O.B. right. Big hitters beware of the water left as it is reachable on your tee shot. DO NOT GO RIGHT on your second shot or you are sure to loose you ball in the tall prairie grass all along the right side of this hole, if it stays in bounds. Hit your second shot over the fairway bunker into a large fairway leaving you with less than 100 yards into this severely sloped green. Birdies are possible but bogeys lurk everywhere.

Hole #13


The shortest of all the par 3′s will generally play into a South wind. Measuring 174 yards with a moderate sloping green this is your best chance for birdie of all the par 3′s.

Hole #14


At 459 yards #14 is the longest and most difficult par 4 on the back nine. A long and accurate tee shot is a must leaving you with a long to mid iron into a large open green. Watch for water on the right and left that comes into play on your tee shot. A par on #14 is sure to get you a shot or two back on your opponents.

Hole #15


Watch out for the bunker 150 yards from the green in the middle of the fairway on this 405 yard par 4. If the hole is playing down wind tee it high and let it fly with driver to leave you with a short iron and good birdie chance. Otherwise a fairway wood will leave you with a medium iron into this nicely sloped green.

Hole #16


At 516 yards the par 5 16th is the easiest hole on the course. Wind will be a big key for this hole. Keep your drive down the left side and you will have a nice view into the green. A good drive will leave you with a long to mid iron into the green. Playing into a south wind the hole plays longer but if the wind is calm watch out birdies are going to be plentiful.

Hole #17


I hope you made birdie on #16 because chances are you will give it back on #17. Playing 233 yards with bunkers front right and front left you need to hit a high soft shot to keep it on this demanding par 3 that will usually play down wind. Making par here will surly win some bets between you and your opponents.

Hole #18


If there was a signature hole at Bakker Crossing #18 would be in the running for sure. Length is not an issue on this tricky 378 yard par four. Anything right of the fairway bunker will find the water and will be digging another ball out of your bag. Playing a long iron off the tee is the smart play leaving you with a mid to short iron into the most severely sloped green on the course. The toughest pin placement on the golf course is back right and birdies will be hard to get when the pin is back there.




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