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PGA Junior League

PGA Jr. League Golf at Bakker Crossingpga-jr

We are proud to announce that we’ve joined the 700+ teams that participated in PGA JLG last season and will be participating in 2016!

PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) features a team-vs-team scramble format in a structured league setting that provides for a more popular, less stressful, competition. The emphasis is on the fun, recreation, and sportsmanship of the game for players at any skill level. Where every participant gets the chance to play and join our team.

Registration deadline was May 16th.

PGA JLG Participants Receive

  • Team Jerseys
  • Golf Balls
  • 4 regular season league competitions
  • Instructions from a PGA/LPGA Professional
  • Team Practices on Monday evenings from 4:00-6:00pm
  • Opportunity for All-Star Advancement
  • Access to the PGA-JLG Website

Program Structure

  • Fun and recreational 2-player scramble format for players of every skill level
  • All participants get to play in every competition they attend
  • Ideal team make-up is 4 novices, 4 average & 4 above average players

Player Proficiency

  • Children of age 13 and under of any playing level
  • Advanced skills not required, must have access to a set of golf clubs
  • If your child can drive, chip or putt… we have a role for them on our JLG team!


  • June – July: Regular Season
  • August: Postseason Qualifiers & Section Championships
  • September: Regional Championship
  • October: PGA JLG National Championship

League Schedule

Week 1
Minnehaha @ CC of Sioux Falls 6/15/16 – 8:00am
Bakker Crossing @ Elmwood 6/15/16 – 8:00pm
Bye: Willow Run

Week 2
Elmwood @ Willow Run 6/20/16 – 8:00am
CC of Sioux Falls @ Bakker Crossing 6/22/16 – 8:00am
Bye: Minnehaha

Week 3
CC of Sioux Falls @ Elmwood 7/9/16 – 5:00pm
Willow Run @ Minnehaha 6/28/16 – 10:00am
Bye: Bakker Crossing

Week 4
Willow Run @ CC of Sioux Falls 7/18/16 – 8:00am
Minnehaha @ Bakker Crossing 7/14/16 – 8:00am
Bye: Elmwood

Week 5
Elmwood @ Minnehaha 7/5/16 – 10:00am
Bakker Crossing @ Willow Run 7/25/16 – 8:00am
Bye: CC of Sioux Falls


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